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quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2008

Digitol - Criaturas levels 03 e 04.

Continuando a mostrar as criaturas que farão parte do projeto Digitol, mais uma vez lembro que as imagens são do desenho Digimon e não do projeto.

Level 3: Kumamon
Custo: 240 Ouro
Dwelling: Frozen Tundra
Dwelling Cost: 2000 Gold and 2 Mithril
Dwelling Requirements: Fort, Mage Guild Level 1
Attack: 7
Defense: 8
Damage: 3-5
Health: 20
Shots: 12
Speed: 5
Growth: 6
Special: 80% Melee Penalty, Ice Breath Attack (Similar to dragon breath), 30% Chance Freezing (Freezes a stack and the one directly behind it in place for 2 rounds, cannot move and can be attacked freely, unlike blind and petrification.)

Nível 3 Upgrade: Korikakumon

Custo: 260 Ouro
Dwelling: Upgraded Frozen Tundra
Habitação Custo: 2500 Gold e 2 Mithril
Dwelling Requirements: Frozen Tundra, Mage Guild Level 2
Attack: 10
Defense: 8
Damage: 6-7
Health: 30
Shots: 18
Speed: 7
Growth: 6
Special: No Melee Penalty, 40% Chance Freezing (Freezes a stack in place for 2 rounds, cannot move and can be attacked freely, unlike blind and petrification
Description: Korikakumons are very fast for their sizes. Their attacks damage the enemies amazingly by throwing their huge axes and piercing them by half a dozen frozen arrowheads on their backs.

Level 4: Ranamon
Custo: 220 Ouro
Dwelling: Submarine Altar
Dwelling Cost: 2000 Gold And 4 Crystal
Dwelling Requirements: Fort, Invisible Cave, Ethereal Palace
Attack: 7
Defense: 7
Damage: 4-6
Health: 25
Shots: None
Speed: 5
Growth: 5
Special: Immune To Water Spells (including beneficial ones), Can Cast Quicksand Spell, Charm (Can gain control a level 1-3 enemy stack for 3 rounds)
Description: The Ranamons are lazy, girly and hot! Well that’s why they live underwater all day and relax on their Aquarian beds and sofas.

Level 4 Upgrade: Calmaramon
Cost: 240 Gold
Dwelling: Upgraded Submarine
Dwelling Cost: 2000 Gold and 2 Crystal Habitação
Dwelling Requirements: Submarine Altar, Blacksmith
Attack: 8
Defense: 7
Damage: 6
Health: 26
Shots: None
Movement: Flying
Speed: 7
Growth: 5
Special: Immune To Water Spells (excluding beneficial ones), Ink Jet Wall (The appearance is similar to the spell Fire Wall, but what shoots out is 3 blocks of ink jets instead of flames, this ability is also very similar to the way Hell Steeds place the Fire Wall.)
Description: The Calmaramons become ugly after the upgrade and on a beauty scale from one to ten, they’re definitely put as a negative four. Descrição: Well, Their ink jets are not as powerful as the firewalls but at least provide some help for their pathetic attacks.

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